People often park in a garage for reasons of convenience and security. In order to be able to guarantee this security, it is often decided only to allow people into the garage if they have actually parked a car there. To give people access through a wicket door, it is therefore necessary to check whether they are authorised to enter the garage. To do so, you can install the IP Door. This unit has a barcode scanner and can also be equipped with a card reader and intercom facility. The limited depth and the application of a front door enable the IP Door to be built in. The IP Door can also be used as a checkpoint for a passageway.
Doorreader IP Door

Doorreader IP Door Doorreader IP Door Doorreader IP Door
  • Barcode proximity scanner
  • Intercom preparation, including call button
  • 20-character / 2-line display with LED backlight
  • Good accessibility for service and maintenance
  • Front door locking mechanism through cylinder lock
  • Aluminium housing (2mm ALMG.3) with anticorrosive treatment and powder coating & in deep black RAL 9005
  • Interface for control peripherals: 8 x serial, bi-directional parallel and MDB interface
  • Full Duplex dual-speed ethernet interface for network connections; GPRS or RS485 also available
  • I/O interface for communication with external systems and components, such as: sliding gates, fire alarm and height alarm; equipped with 4 relay outputs
  • Commend intercom with voIP transmission via TCP/IP; no extra wiring necessary
  • Mifare reader
  • 3rd party reader integration
  • Integrated IP camera
  • Housing in colour of your choice
  • Brushed stainless steel front door