UK Parking Design is the right choice when controlled access to your parking facility is required. To identify your subscribers we offer a range of possibilities:

  • Barcode
  • RFID
  • License plate recognition
  • Long range readers

All identification systems offered can be installed in our IP in entry gates, IP out exit gates and IP regus stations. ANPR cameras are integrated in the gates as a standard or mounting in a different location if desired.

UK Parking Design’s gates are specifically designed for highly frequent use. The maintenance free drive is guaranteed to operate for years. The housing is constructed of high-grade steel en treated with an anticorrosive coating.

Two gate types are available: IP-350 and IP-500. The IP-350 can be equipped with an arm up to 350 cm and the IP-500 with an arm length up to 550 cm. The arm is equipped with a rubber fender in order to avoid damage to vehicles.

The IP-500 gate comes standard with a mounting fork for additional stability. The IP-350 comes standard with a single suspension but can be equipped with a fork if desired. All gates are supplied with a frequency controlled steering that allows varying opening -and closing times assuring smooth arm movement.

Traffic lights are integratable in the top part of the gate or the arm. These LED lights switch between red and green.