Data stored in Parkbase can be accessed using reports that are printable and can be exported to excel and pdf format. Content and designed can be decided by the operator by setting and arranging the desired parameters. The available parameters vary per report type; reports relating to parkingtransactions, financial data and statistics are always minimally settable per time period and facility and/or station. This results in 24-7/365 access to up to date reports from any location.

By using authorization levels it is possible to assign rights to groups or inpidual users.

More than 60 reports are available pided in the following categories:

  • Financial reports Day and periodical reports that in compact design show the turnover per station, subscription type, payments and card type. More detailed reports (per transaction) are also available if required.

  • Statistics Statistical information on parking time, occupation and payments, incorrect parking actions and malfunctions per facility and station

  • Transactions and report Details reports about transactions and vehicle movements. Reports from inpidual stations like malfunctions, alarms and detection of exceptional situations are also available.

  • Subscriber data Reports on personal details and assigned access right per subscriber can be easily generated An historical overview per subscriber can be access in case of disputes.

  • Company reports All financial reports, invoices and statistics are available per company account. The parkbase operator can indicate what data can be accessed by Firmbase users allowing companies to generate their own report.

  • User actions Actions from users (ie. On their personal websites) like changing settings and personal data can be generated per station.

  • Exporting reports Report can be exported to excel and pdf format and are designed to fit on A4 format.

A number of report are designed for exporting to excel instead of printing. Next to the reports mentioned it is possible to export raw data when a user wants to filter specific information.