Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR is a technology that substantially increases the number of possible entries/exits per hour. Vehicles can enter and leave the facility without actually stopping at the entry and exit gates. Not only registered users but also short-term parkers can leave the facility due to the fact that their license plate is recognized and stored when entering. When a short term parking ticket is paid for it is recognized by our system resulting in an unmatched number of entries/exits per hour. We are able to handle 900 movements per hour, which is three times the industry average!

ANPR is an identification method which is increasingly being integrated into society

License plates are always unique and therefore very well suited for entry/exit control. A fast and smooth handling of in -and outbound traffic is possible due to the elimination of ID control operations.

Monitoring and positively influencing “recognition score”

There are situation possible in which a license plate cannot be recognized (snow, dirt, etc). The obtained recognition score is automatically measured ensuring solid control of the system’s performances. The system’s components itself are standardized and strictly selected based on high quality and top performance. Our extensive experience with ANPR resulted in the most efficient system available on the market today. No other system can match our recognition score.

Parkbase, UK Parking Design’s CMS (Central Management System) has the ANPR application integrated in its standard configuration. Parkbase allows an operation to log on to the system and any time at any location.

By simply entering the license plate of a subscriber you activate the ANPR functionality. The possibility to connect multiple license plates to one subscriber comes standard in the software.

Optionally, UK Parking Design offer the possibility of additional security. The so called “escort application” only allows ANPR entries/exits by the combination of an access card and license plate and thus reducing the risk of a car being stolen to leave the facility. This can be adjusted per subscriber.


Subscribers’ sense of comfort is dramatically increased due to the improvement of traffic flow.


Car exhaust is drastically reduced when using ANPR due to the eliminating the need for taking a parking ticket.

Auto-exit short term parkers

Auto-exit functionality is integrated into our system in the context of sustainability and ease of use. The functionality ensures that ANPR is also optimized for short-term parkers:

  • A short-term parker arrives at the entry gate and pushes the button in order to receive a parking ticket.
  • On thate exact moment this ticket is linked to the license plate of the vehicle and can be optionally printed on the parking ticket.
  • When the ticket has been paid before leaving the system automatically allows the vehicle to leave with ANPR. The short-term parker can leave the facility without stopping the vehicle. Recent studies indicated a tenfold reduction in CO2 emission with ALPR exits!

Do you see the future? Choose web-based ANPR!