The elegant design and robust construction of the pay station sets the tone of the IP Cash system. One of the features of its sleek look is the touchscreen, which avoids too many buttons and enables the station to be used in several scenarios. The brief explanation for the user and the indicative lighting make paying at this station quick and simple. The station is equipped with good locks and is therefore extremely burglar-proof. Mifare and barcode tickets can be incorporated in the standard model.
Pay on foot IP Cash

Pay on foot IP Cash Pay on foot IP Cash Pay on foot IP Cash Pay on foot IP Cash Pay on foot IP Cash
  • Motorized single slot acceptance unit (COTS)
  • Intercom prepared including pushbuttons
  • Electronic coin acceptance up to 12 coin types
  • Coin change dispenser for up to 5 coin types
  • Locked overflow cartridge for coins
  • Banknote processing for all valid banknotes Self stacking vault for banknotes
  • Cartridge for 5.000 tickets/receipts
  • Ticket empty pre-warning when 200 tickets remain
  • Discount coupon acceptance
  • Tariff structure present in local controller
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Mains wall outlets for maintenance purpose
  • Thermostat regulated heating
  • 15″ TFT touch screen user interface
  • Powder coated steel housing, anti corrosion treated
  • Intercom with voIP transmission via TCP/IP; no extra wiring necessary
  • Integrated IP camera
  • Housing in colour of your choice
  • Unit for paying by switch card or credit card
  • Acoustic- and light signal when opening impermissible
  • Expand self-filling hoppers for more coin storage
  • Selling point for event tickets, time cards etc.
  • Mifare reader