Companies often offer, as an additional service tot their customers or visitors, a reserved parking space in a parking lot or garage. UK Parking Design’s web based software increases the flexibility of parking space reservation using a personal website for each user. Through this website it is possible to control a separate part of a bigger parking facility. It is for instance possible to register new subscribers and to pre-register new customers and/or visitor to offer them access to the parking facility.

Visitor registration and access control can be handled using:

Licence plate recognition

Prior to entering the parking facility a visitor’s license plate is introduced into reservation module Reserva. When the visitor’s car approaches the entry gate the system will automatically detect the license place and the car is allowed access. The same applies to exiting the facility.


A visitor is registered in advance. When arriving at the entry gate the visitor pushes the intercom button and the operator checks if the visitor is registered and allows access if this is the case. The same applies to exiting the facility.


Barcode system

When the system is equipped with a barcode system It is possible to allow a visitor to simply take a parking ticket. The parking ticket can be recoded to a free ticket or a certain discount. Recoding can be done online using Firmbase of by scanning the barcode parking ticket with recoding station IP Recode. The parking activity is then automatically assigned to the users account.

With IP Recode it is possible to recode and to activate temporary subscriptions.


Firmbase is an only application in which groups can be assigned specific rights within the Parkbase platform. Management of the parking spaces assigned tot his group is completely handled by the group itself.

Firmbase is a online applications witch is suitable for users group. Make reservations for visitors, activate RFID cards, free parking spots etc.