Controlbase is a very complete and state of the art (central) control room. The program as well as all IP cameras is fully integrated with the standard Parkbase application. All functionalities are clearly presented on just a single screen with touch en slide technology enabling fast handling of incoming intercom calls.

Our web based software enables the operator to handle all operations in just a few layers. When a visitor arrives at, for example, an exit gate where the intercom button is pushed a screen with the correct camera footage will pop up immediately (event recording). In the same screen it is possible to operate the parking system without having to switch to the management software. The operator buttons (like opening the gate) are shown in the same screen.

It is possible to choose the control elements that are shown for each situation resulting in a significantly faster call handling and optimal ease of operation.

Unmatched parking management integration. One touchscreen to manage and control all parking systems, CCTV and intercom. Controlbase assures direct and personal support for visitors and employees.