Traffic congestion at entry or exit gates can be a major issue for hospitals, especially when a hospital is located in an urban area

where such congestion can impede on-going traffic. It is a hospital’s best interest to offer parking space to its visitors and employees but at the same time it is unrealistic to have an open parking facility since this will also attract other cars and thus possibly create parking shortage.

Conventional Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) result in queuing up for entry or exit gates due to the fact that it takes time to process a parking ticket. The answer to this problem is Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR. With an ANPR system a hospital allows its employees and visitors to enter the parking facility using the vehicle’s number plate. UK Parking Design has developed the next generation Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems with really embedded ANPR, unlike add-on ANPR systems, resulting in a maximum yield of 900 cars per hour which is three times more than other systems currently available on the market.

With Parkbase it is possible to have all PARCS and ANPR functionality integrated into one easy to use, fully web-based application. True web-based means that the application can be used on any device with any web browser from any location with an Internet connection, enabling flexible management at lower OPEX.

In addition, UK Parking Design provides the Controlbase application for control rooms. With Controlbase all PARCS systems on sites with multiple facilities can be managed easily, including intercom and video. Controlbase is operated through intuitive touchscreen displays.

UK Parking Design did provide many hospitals with a tailored parking management systems already, based on the standard PARCS software platform. By using the UK Parking Design systems, hospitals will benefit from a fully integrated and dedicated Parking Access & Revenue Control System with unmatched performance.