Training is an essential part of any project. Without adequate instruction in the operation and first-level maintenance of the equipment, the system is doomed to fail to meet expectations. All training courses have been designed in conjunction with equipment manufacturers, to ensure that UK Parking Design is equipped to impart the correct level of information. Full documentation is supplied, providing a source of reference for all operational queries.

UK Parking Design’s training system has been designed to cater for all categories of staff that are required to operate and evaluate the performance of the relevant equipment. Operators are trained on all relevant tasks such as how to change tickets, utilise the management software to ensure that they understand the equipment status messages and how to react to various operational scenarios.

Site maintenance staff are taught to undertake the first-line maintenance tasks which would include clearing ticket, card and coin jams; cleaning ticket readers; cleaning camera housings; checking equipment settings; visual inspection of equipment; etc. Management training will include instruction on the reporting capabilities and the interpretation of these statistics; reconciliation of cash receipts; highlight exceptions that could indicate bad operational practices and/or losses. Certificates of competency are awarded for each training level.

For further information about UK Parking Design training programs, please contact the service department via our contact page.