Most parking and security equipment operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure optimum working efficiency, some form of maintenance will be required. UK Parking Design offer a wide range of maintenance options, encompassing Planned Preventative Maintenance and Breakdown cover. Most maintenance plans will include an element of both.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) includes the regular check of all system components, to ensure that all signs of wear and tear are identified and the appropriate action taken. Inclusion of this routine is strongly recommended as it should provide warning of potential problems before the equipment actually fails, and so ensure that the parking equipment is available and working as close to 100% of the time as possible.

Equipment breakdown’s will occur from time to time, even with PPM visits taking place; it is simply not possible to predict every possible fault. Standard UK Parking Design maintenance contracts can include breakdown service cover; which can encompass all parts and labour costs, or labour costs only. The decision to include the cost of labour and/or parts will depend on whether the client is prepared to take the risk of the possible cost of replacement units and the labour to fit them, should the equipment break down. A response and/or completion time can also be included in this type of contract, which will ensure that the faulty equipment is returned to working order as soon as possible.

System software requires regular house-keeping to ensure the smooth operation of data-bases, optimal processing speeds, etc. Large databases can become unwieldy and will slow down the operation of your server; plus may be the cause of data corruption. Regular checks will also ensure that a back-up is created, which will become vital should the active system fail.

Various enhanced cover periods and response times can be added to any contract, which attract an additional cost. UK Parking Design has a very flexible approach to maintenance and can design a contract to suit your requirements.

UK Parking Design strongly recommends that all equipment be subject to a controlled, approved maintenance programme. Without regular, planned maintenance your equipment will fail to deliver your expectations.

For further information about UK Parking Design maintenance contracts, please contact the service department via our contact page.