As part of a complete maintenance package, the ability to dial into site from a remote location is an invaluable tool. Once connected to the site, advice from trained UK Parking Design engineers can assist site operators to resolve their own problems, monitor the results of any site testing, and can lead to the fault being cleared without having to wait for an engineer to reach site.

After receipt of a call from site for assistance, support engineers can dial into that site from a remote location and either diagnose, or assist in the diagnosis of the reported fault. The support engineer can assume control of the site server, and perform any task on the PC itself or the connected equipment. This means that the software and database can be interrogated, plus equipment status checked and altered.

Site management can be assisted with reporting and investigative duties via this remote link; with site staff fully included in the process by either watching the support engineer perform the task, or perform the task themselves with verbal assistance from the engineer. UK Parking Design staff are equipped with laptop-based dial-up tools, which allow for such support to be undertaken either from the company’s offices or whilst on the road.

For more information about UK Parking Design remote support, please contact the service department via our contact page.